How Coast Jewelry & Loan Works


Coast Jewelry & Loan buys fine watches, diamonds, jewelry and gold. You can trust Coast Jewelry & Loan for a unique solution.


Coast Jewelry & Loan buys gold and fine gems. Worry-free, no obligation examination—we explain each step—and you walk out with your cash. Stop in or call for a discreet appointment.


Coast Jewelry & Loan helps those needing immediate cash. Loans upon your pledge of fine gems, watches, diamonds and jewelry. When the need arises to borrow quick needed funds on jewelry or valuable items to settle an urgent request, it is very easy at Coast.

First, give us a call or better yet, drop by with your items. We will determine their value and if it is a workable solution for your request.

Then, we will explain the contract of 4 months for payback, interest at California Financial Code Rates and have the money in your hand in minutes!

For example, a loan of 100.00 carries a payback for 4 months of 24.00, cheaper than a return check charge and less than a tip at a fine restaurant for the same amount! Borrowing has never been easier. Unable to redeem at the conclusion of 4 months, no problem! Just pay the 24.00 and we redo the loan for another 4 months.

Other amounts carry different rates and will be explained at loan opening. Jewelry is stored in a vault and is sealed for its complete stay with us. No need to worry about its safety! We have items that have been in our safekeeping for over 20 years! Coast Jewelry & Loan does not run your credit. We are confidential and we will work with your situation to find the right solution. Give us a call or stop by today.


Coast Jewelry & Loan has been examining fine jewelry for over sixty-five years. We are uniquely qualified to give you our professional appraisal and quickly and precisely buy, or collateralize your valuables. Come by today to discuss solutions.

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